Monday, May 16, 2011

Table Fare

On of my favorite quotes appears on my shop window:

"If thou hast two loaves of bread,
then sell one and buy flowers.... 
for although the bread will nourish thy body,
the flowers will nourish thy soul."

It's been proven that flowers make you feel good!  So why not make sure you include a few blooms in your daily life.  The addition of flowers to your table setting makes every meal a special occasion.  Whether it's just your family at home, or a few guests for an intimate dinner party, cut flowers on the table tells your dining companions that they are special! 

A few spring tulips snipped from your garden,

a sprig of the season's first lilacs,

one beautiful peony blossom floating in a bowl,

or a few simple daisies can make your table setting come to life.

This past weekend was spent at our cabin in northern MN, and this simple vase of wood anemones was the perfect finish to our dinner table.

Flowers don't have to be elaborate or expensive.  A few blossoms will last a week or more on your dinner table.  Stop by and see us for some lovely ideas!

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