Price Lists

Florists are, for the most part, a secretive bunch when it comes to prices, especially for wedding and party work.  But here are a few of our basic price structures.  It will give you a starting point when planning your floral purchases.  When it comes to a wedding or an event, some prices will vary depending on the types of flowers you choose and seasonal availability.  Keep in mind that your best value will always be to go with a theme or color scheme, and allow us to shop the market for the best blooms in the best price availability.  However, if your heart is set on a certain flower, we will do our best to find it for you!

Everyday Flowers
Wrapped bunches  $10 and up
Arrangements         $25 and up
Sympathy designs   $50 and up

Wedding Party Flowers
Bridal bouquets     $75 - $300
'Maids bouquets    $45 - $150
Flower girls           $25 - $50
Boutonnieres         $8 - $20
Corsages               $12 - $35

Ceremony Flowers
Altar bouquets      $100 and up
Pew bows            $10 and up

Reception / Party / Dinner
Centerpieces        $35 and up
Cake Flowers      $50 and up

Cocktail Tables    $10 and up