Monday, December 24, 2012

All is calm....

It's been a fast and furious few weeks, for which I am so grateful!  And now that the craziness has passed and things are calm, it gives me time to reflect.

With our big sale the last 3 weeks, the store has been filled with happy shoppers, and every single one of them (well, with one exception...and I think she was just having a really bad day!) has been filled with a cheerful holiday spirit!  It was truly inspiring to see so many happy people!  Many friends popped in to say hello and extend their greeting for a happy holiday, and there were new faces and new friends made along the way. 

It always makes me so thankful to be a florist, despite the pine sap, holly pokes, and rough dry skin!

Thank you to all who have supported my little shop this year....I realize you have many choices as to how you spend your hard earned dollars, and I am truly appreciative that you chose to spend some with me. 

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas spent with those you love. 


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