Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sarah's Wedding

Doing a wedding for a family member is an absolute joy, especially when you are given a free hand to "be creative",  and accompanied by an appropriate budget.  But when the couple (my Godchild and her husband to be) adds a 'theme' into the mix, it just brings the whole experience to a higher level of FUN! 

Planning for the June 2013 wedding began in the fall of 2012 when I was given the theme - The Minnesota State Fair.  It was the site of their first date, and their engagement one year later to the day.  My mind do you tie the state fair into the flowers and decorations for a wedding?    You get creative!!

First - the invitation!  The font used, and the added art of the ferris wheel, gave the hint of what was to come...completed at the venue with matching escort cards and menu cards.

How about a unique card box?  Here's one!!  How honkin' cute is this?!

The Minnesota State Fair is well known for any - and every- kind of "food on a stick".  That was the jumping off point.  The first, and most obvious, decision was to switch from the traditional wedding cake to cake pops....cake on a stick! 

When the wedding week finally arrived, I took several days away from the shop and traveled 200 miles to do the flowers and music.  I was generously provided a fantastic work space only 10 minutes from the reception venue, and was also welcomed there as an overnight guest for the duration - how cool is that?  However, being 200 miles from my shop was a challenge in logistics.  I had lists and more lists so that nothing was forgotten.  And there was the question of refrigeration.  Fortunately, the weather cooperated by staying a cool 55 degrees.


Ok, more good stuff......

Setting the stage at the entrance to the reception hall - and setting the tone for the whole evening - the ferris wheel and giant cotton candy.  The ferris wheel was a collaborative effort between myself and my husband, crafted from a bicycle rim, and lit with LED lights.  The cotton candy...threaded rods, spray glue, pillow stuffing, and spray paint.  Add a base and paper cone...voila!

the goods
the completed ferris wheel
in place and all lit up!!
Add a couple lanterns, and the "History of the Minnesota State Fair" as a guest book, and you have the perfect entrance!

The only direction the bride gave me for her table centerpieces were to include a lantern, and vary the height.  Using her color scheme, I created three variations for the tables.

 a tall centerpiece, using a stand that gave it that "flowers on a stick" look... :)
a low centerpiece -

love the craspedia - little yellow 'flowers on a stick' !
 one section of tables were under a low ceiling - hence a smaller tablescape
 with the addition of the LED fairy lights, the room had a soft neon glow...
reminiscent of the carnival midway!
The ten foot long fireplace mantle was lit up with lanterns, fairy lights, and tall frosted cylinders with LED light pads underneath.  Some fresh blooms, and the fireplace burning, created a truly magical atmosphere behind the head table!
still bright outside...

just starting to get dark outside...and the LEDs are starting to become visible in the cylinders.
About the only thing not theme in nature were the bouquets - simple, and beautiful against the dark navy dresses, and the ivory bridal gown.

 The whole process was so much fun, and turned out beautifully!
This is why I love what I do....

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